Kingdom Winds Collective—An Exciting Opportunity for Christian Authors and Artists Awaits You

–Has God inspired you to write a book that is not reaching its intended audience?

–Have you published a book, music, podcasts, or a film that is not fulfilling its potential to serve the Kingdom or grow your ministry?

–Have your Christian works failed to financially prosper?

If your answer to any of these questions is "yes," we are preparing to launch an exciting, ground-breaking new concept that offers dramatic breakthrough for Christian authors and artists. And, even more importantly, it will advance the Kingdom of God by providing a platform for new talent to be discovered and to disperse His inspired messages and works!



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Let Kingdom Winds disperse your works and help your ministry soar!

The Unfulfilled Promise of Indie Authors and Artists

Have you experienced the pleasure and satisfaction of publishing a Christian book only to become disappointed that it is not reaching your intended audience?

Or, perhaps you have produced music, videos or other artistic creations, only to find them go undiscovered and languish in obscurity?

Have you been disheartened to realize the large upfront and ongoing costs necessary to promote and market your book or other works if you are not backed by a large publisher or recording studio?

Most likely, you have fulfilled a personal ambition or goal in your life—yet the sense of achievement might prove to be fleeting because you have fallen short of your dream. 

Fulfilling Ambition, But Falling Short of Promise and Purpose

Transforming an idea or message placed on your heart into a finished work using your unique God-given gifts is a wonderful personal accomplishment, but unfortunately you might find that it all still lacks fulfillment of potential and purpose. You didn’t pour your time and talents into this creation to sit in your closet or on your mantel—but rather, you intended to enrich other people’s lives and lift up the Kingdom!

You are surely not alone. In fact, you are part of a quite expansive group that continues to grow quickly. The advancement of new technologies along with independent and small publishing platforms has enabled tremendous growth in the publication of new books and music, but studies show that these largely fail to get into the hands of their intended audience and realize their promise.

Simply put, a vast potential remains for you, your target audience, and the Kingdom!

Realizing Greater Potential and Promise

Kingdom Winds was conceived and created to fill this huge void between potential and purpose. By joining together into the Kingdom Winds Collective, members are able to exponentially increase their exposure and reach to their exact target market—the Christian Community. And, even better yet, the upfront investment is very minimal, shifting most costs to be incurred only when you make sales—a true win-win! is a unique, groundbreaking website, designed to be a daily destination for the Christian Community. It provides a greatly needed nexus of Christian content producers and Christian content consumers. By aggregating individual content creation and personal networks with an overall highly attractive value proposition, Kingdom Winds provides a tremendous platform to build brand, develop followership, and see your product sales skyrocket! 

May the winds of heaven blow God's inspired messages across the earth to do His work.