Bring joy by giving joy!

The prime objective in creating Joy All Around Us was to help others find joy in their lives. In a world full of striving, difficulties and sorrow, we believe the more people we reach, the better. The more you experience it, the more you want to give it away and have others experience it, too.

If you have similar feelings, we invite you to partner with us through the following programs:

  • Bulk Purchase Program - We offer custom quotes for bulk orders of the book. These books are great for many purposes, such as discipling tools, book clubs, group studies, gifts, giveaways, lifting spirit's or simply a spur-of-the-moment random act of kindness. 
  • Spread the Joy! Program - We have made it our mission to give our book away to others. The intended recipients include hospitals, churches, non-profits, doctor's offices, organizations, individuals and others who might benefit from even a spark of joy. Partner with us by making a donation to help spread the joy even further!

Please use the form below for a special price quote on a bulk order. If you would simply like to donate, please see Spread the Joy! to the right. 

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