A Family's Collaborative Journey to Bring Joy

Written by Gary Suess | Elizabeth Suess | Tara Suess

Illustrated by Tara Suess

Author Bios

A collaborative effort between a husband, wife, and daughter, this book is based on their real-life journeys.

Gary spent the majority of his career as an executive in the financial services industry. He’s also written for a national sports website as a featured columnist. His career, family and friends, varied passions, and personal faith journey have all influenced his perspective on a joyful life.

After a banking career, Elizabeth transitioned her focus to raising their daughter, managing the household, engaging in women’s ministry and caring for their beloved cats. She has nurtured her passion for writing through blogging, centering on helping others navigate unpredictable life journeys.

After graduating from the University of South Carolina with a degree in Advertising and concentration in journalism, Tara currently works for a large advertising agency in New York City. On the side, she has a burgeoning career as an artist, offering custom portraits along with producing and selling her artistic creations through TaraSuess.com and Society6.com



"The authors’ infectiously joyful point of view shines bright in every essay and chapter. Each essay truly speaks from a one-in-a-million perspective, injecting anecdotes with memorable details and vivid descriptive language. Funny observations place a spotlight on the blessings of life, showing that humor can be found in any circumstance. These pages are sure to cause the reader to, in turn, reflect and give thanks or roll on the floor laughing." 



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